Columbia Mills

Columbia Mills describe themselves as "Joy Division playing the Grand Ole Opry".

A, dark, ambient, guitar band with a deep south sensibility, the Dublin quintet have just released their debut album, produced by Rob Kirwan (Hozier, U2, Depeche Mode). The bands name comes from the legendary building based on Dublin’s Quays. In the early 90s the building became a mecca for the illegal rave scene bringing people together from all walks of life and all musical tastes. Based in Dublin and Wicklow in Ireland, the band have embraced the liberal ethos of the Columbia Mills era to both musical tastes and social equality. They have shaped their musical style with a guitar driven sounds and emphasis on electronic foundations. Their live performances are emotionally charged and the combination of live instruments and electronic elements make for an all encompassing show. Tipped as one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the Dublin music scene in years, we're delighted to have them with us in Dingle for the Music Trail.